Unturned Optimizations


I’m looking to optimize (or at least improve) my gameplay experience in Unturned. Recently, it’s been lagging a bit and Not Responding on the loading screens.
My specifications are:

Intel i5-7200U
Intel HD 620

It may not look like much, but for a relatively blocky and polygonal game like Unturned, I think it should be enough.
I’ve already cut down on my Workshop Mods, and all the settings are minimum.

Any tips?

3.X sadly does not work like that. That CPU is going to be dying regardless. Best I have is flagging content not to be loaded, but that would just save on RAM for the most part (which in this case is not the main issue).

All thats left is basically just dial back the settings, maybe fiddle with the res-scale or render mode.

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I had a similar system a couple years ago and it should give you around 55-ish fps in 720p on low settings on vanilla servers. Also in another post you mentioned using 40hz which is bad. You must always select maximum hz that your monitor is capable of.

If you are using 40 hz on your monitor the max FPS you will be able to see on your monitor will be 40 FPS no matter how high the game says it is.

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