Unturned Pixel Art #7 - The Augewehr!

Admittedly it has been ages since the last time I made content for the pixel art series, hopefully this makes up for it somewhat. This is the first pixel art piece I have done in the existence of the SDG Forums, and I will now be posting future content here as opposed to the Unturned subreddit.

The Augewehr is a well rounded, misunderstood AR that I’ve had an affinity with for quite some time. One of my first mythicals was for the Augewehr, and I enjoy using it in any range. Hybridization between ammo types and the chance to find it in airdrops makes the Augewehr a common late-game choice for me when I don’t have other meta end-game gear. Hope you guys enjoy, be sure to leave feedback in the comments.

Edit: Also, shoutout to @AnimaticFreak for re-inspiring me to get back into making pixel art. Seeing someone motivated by my work to create their own is a wonderful thing.

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“reee should have drawn it with the military mag instead of the range one reee”

Looks pretty nice overall, I think it’s your best one yet!

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Gotta admit, I never really liked pixel art in the beginning (in general), but this has changed my mind

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i like it imma download it and annoy people with it