Unturned playermodel SFM port/model?

Hello all, I’m back for uhh… A short period of time until I get my question(s) answered.

  1. Is there a Source Filmmaker model of the U3/U4 playermodel with cosmetics and items?
  2. If there is, can I get it from somewhere?
  3. If there isn’t, can anyone port the models to SFM?

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3.0 player model is in the files, UII one is somewhere but I’m not sure. Maybe the modding section of the SDG wiki.

I’ve got no clue what files SFM takes.

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I was thinking of a port because I’m 99% sure that the models don’t use Valve Texture File (.vtf) and Valve Material Type (.vmt) files, which are the texture definition files required for use in Source Filmmaker or any Source Engine utility/game.
No clue if the model is a .mdl file but if I’m gonna get the U3 models in SFM it’s gonna have to be ported in.
I’ll try the SDG Wiki modding section as well, thanks.

port it yourself

I can’t I’m a stupid head

also I don’t have Unturned on this laptop since it’s school-provided and 11 years old