Unturned property

Long time ago I searched Unturned in the App Store and I found a game called Unturned, it was something like the UnityZ (correct name?) pack, obviously some sort of rip-off. Today I searched the game and the ‘‘dev’’ changed the game to My Uncrowded (other rip-off on Steam that got removed in the past months). The thing is that the game icon is the same one as the Unturned loading screen. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-uncrowded/id997392079?mt=8 So my question is: Is it legal to use Unturned name/content to sell a product without having the permission from Smartly Dressed Games or Nelson Sexton ?

Yeah those types of apps with bought assets are all over the android app store. They’re all trash.


From my knowledge, Nelson doesn’t care about about all the rip offs of the game taking the name “Unturned”, as he knows they’ll never get as popular as the real deal. Actually, I’m pretty sure he said somewhere that all the copycats were “flattering”, since they pretty much told how successful Unturned was.

I actually remember playing one for shits and giggles, let’s just say that my thumbs were sore for a week and a half.

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Well it wasn’t really about the game itself, because it’s not Unturned, the thing is that it uses Unturned content for the app icon.

None of these games are a competition to Unturned

It’s not about about being competitive.

The only thing it does is to confuse users (Preferably the simple-minded ones). Other than that, they’re insignificant and a failed attempt to make a quick buck.

The cost to upload the game into the store and the price of purchasing the asset pack doesn’t compensate the sales it makes.