Unturned server ban appeal

Hello again, it has been 3 years since my servers were banned, I very much regret having promoted a software that I made for HWID serial spoofing, and I would like to have a second chance to reopen my servers legally, since I could have done it many times and I haven’t wanted to and I want to do it the right way, you will surely reject my request like the others, but I have many users who connect and are sad that it is not on the server list and other people can connect and so I can win again the POP that I had before, I hope they give me a second chance, because the truth is that I love this community, I even continue helping people with RocketMod plugins, like uEssentials that I keep updating myself, I hope it is possible, thanks att Alex

DOMAIN: darknesscommunity.club

Server ban appeals can be filed through the support website, as mentioned on the server hosting rules page.

I’ve closed this topic because this forum is not intended for server ban appeals. Please use the support form I’ve linked above instead!

Server ban appeals should be filed through the support website.