Unturned server + Dynamic DNS

I was wondering as an unturned server owner if a dynamic dns makes the server inaccessible by outside connections if the public ip changes while the server is running, because I think minecraft deals with that fine, yea it disconnects everyone when the ip changes but I believe you dont have to reboot the server just give the new ip. So do unturned servers deal with ip changes the same way or do they just break when it happens?

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Come to think of it I never actually tried that.
I’d assume clients time-out since the IP they are attempting to connect to no longer exists but a reboot should not be neccessary since the DNS listing changes, not the actual server IP (so the server does not know, nor care).

I mean, people are 100% going to get kicked no matter what the game is, im just wondering because I seen minecraft as an example and I’ve also seen some other games on steam that I hosted the server on which would keep listening but the server list would not have a clear connection with it so people wouldn’t be able to connect, I think unturned server still works after the change, just it’s hard to check in days where there is no traffic

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Hey icomitsudoku,

Welcome to the forum! I wanted to clear up some quick things about DHCP and how IP address leasing works.

So when a device comes online for the first time, it is assigned an IP address from your DHCP, this is an internal IP address. This internal IP address can change if your device is offline for longer than the IP address is leased, and another device takes the IP address.

A similar principle applies for your public IP address. Generally speaking routers that are turned on and online won’t get their IP addresses changed. But if your router is disconnected or your ISP decides to change your Public IP address, I don’t think that will effect much on your Unturned server.

Thinking through it now, if your public IP changed while your server was up, players would certainly lose connection, however after the players refresh their server listing, they should be able to connect normally, since your port-forwarding is handled internally.

Meaning while your public IP address changes, your internal one won’t, which means the port-forwarding will be intact.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for giving me the answer.
I should have specified more that im talking about the public IP aka what people see outside the network rather then IPv4 and other stuff.

That should be fixed basically as soon as you hit “refresh” after the DNS update.

What you quoted has to do with another game and refresh doesn’t fix it in that game.

da fuq is dynamic DNS?

im sure google will tell you whats that if you just searched “Dynamic DNS” or “DDNS”

I know. I just had as guess as to what 3.X would do.

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