Unturned server has no weather

I believe that my map has working weather as it works in single player, I was wondering if there was a way I could get weather working without resetting the map? Any help is appreciated.

The weather command is @weather then the kind. So @weather storm will make it rain and @weather blizzard will make it snow, while @weather none will set it to clear.


Oh, I’ve tried that and the weather didn’t work on the server. I have also heard that messing with cycles can effect the rain so I reset that too no effect.

Maybe check the gameplay config for weather frequency?


I believe I have that set correctly but i’m unsure:

Honestly if those two things didn’t work I’m not sure. Is it a custom map you’re making?

Yes, a custom map i’ve been making since 2018. The issue is the rain works everywhere else other than my server.

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