Unturned Server Hosting


Hey Guys! I have plans about Unturned Server I really don’t have any cash in paypal, so i am asking can someone pay host, its about 20$/month.


Name: Jeremias
Age: 16

How host benefit about paying for server:

#1 He will get every donations what server get.
Server will have donation options, if players pay, they get ingame content like, items, kits etc

#2 Host Can be part of great community around server and play with us.

#3 I have a lot experience about unturned, unturned servers, map creating/editing, files etc.

#4 I know how to do popular & famous server, where people wants to help us and donate for server.

#5 Contact me and tell are you interested, you will get profit from server!

You can contact me here or in discord, my discord tag is Flame#1990 :wink:


If it’s money that’s the problem for you, why not self-host?


It takes much power to have computer on 24/7 And i dont want to break my pc, if u want help me host server you will get all donations :wink:


Sorry man, but this forum isn’t really a good place to ask for funds. In its current state, there are more than enough servers to go around, and you haven’t listed any features that break this apart from the current set of KitPVP/OPKits servers.

And this almost seems like a scam. What’s stopping you from taking the money and just spending it?


I dont mean i take money, host can pay fir server in hosting site he dont need tongive money to me…


If someone else pays for the hosting and all that why not just do it alone?


If I had that money, why would I give it to you instead of hosting the server myself?

All of this actually does seem super sketchy.


Host get all donations and id he dont know or like unturned


But the host gets donations either way, if they run the server on their own…


If they’re on the SDG forum they know what Unturned is, and most likely like it. This is the official Unturned forum, friend.

You’re trying to appeal to the wrong crowd.


I have contacts to get popular server


I did the calculation of how much it would cost for me to host my servers (8 total) for an entire year if the entire machine was at full load at all times (Even the GPU inside). It would only cost around 50$ a year compared to paying a hoster 15$ or so a month for a single server. So…


@RainOfPain125 So what do you mean can you help me?


You can follow my guide, or any of the other guides on how-to make a dedicated server.


@RainOfPain125 Do you have discord, if yes can u tell me your name and tag so i can come dm