Unturned server is simply unable to connect smhhhh

I’ve done everything

  • Portforward 27015-27017 UDP and TCP
  • Set a static IPv4 (.150)
  • Portforwarding to IPv4 150
  • Windows firewall is completely disabled
  • No extra firewall or anti virus installed
    Can’t connect and port checker website says it’s not open. Help?

I’ve posted it on

Need more info, Does the server startup at all? Any errors? Are you the only one unable to connect? Are you connecting via localhost or IP? Are you using steamcmd or the game files? How did you go about portforwarding? You might have windows firewall disabled but did you set your connection rules correctly?

The server works fine. Rmod installed. No errors. I literally copied the same server files on my machine (which works) onto another. I haven’t tried LAN but I can almost certainly assume it works. We’re using SCMD. We went into the router and portforwarded the traditional way. What connection rules? @Noobyfish

Is Steam CMD updated?

You aaid this is on a different machine than you normally use?

When you set ypur static IP, you did so on the new machine, right? And that is a unique address compared to the static IP on the previous machine?

SCMD fresh install. Unturned it latest version

This is on a completely different machine on a different network. The static dedicated route is .150 the machine is on .150 ipconfig confirms .150 im portforwarding on .150


seems like theres no solution to this futile dilemma >:(

Which network did you forward the ports for?

What do you mean which network?

did you forward from the correct ip and network?


I logged into the router (the network) and portforwarded 27015-27017.

My IPv4 is correct. I’m forwarding 27015-27017 to IPv4 and the machines IPv4 is

you said it was on a different network bro


Why does the network matter? Just assume theres a single network. Theres a single router. Theres a single machine we need servers to work onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Connections are rather finicky, you kinda need all the information you can get.

Well there we go I guess. One network. :man_shrugging:

From my own experience with hosting I have had this problem. Only way I was able to fix it was making sure the correct IP is port fowarded (and any other values you need for it) and if it was all correct ether using a freshly made server file set, switching back to the original server box or possibly wiping current box could work.

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I’ve checked this 10 times over

Did that

Physically impossible

Also physically impossible

Damn them I am clueless, you must have a completly different problem then i have had.

Ring a ding still looking for answer ahhhhhhhhh

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