Unturned server on Debian shows no output and doesn't take input


I managed to get the the Unturned_Headless.x86 server working on my Debian box but when I launch it it only shows this:
Set current directory to /home/USERNAME/servers/Unturned Found path: /home/USERNAME/servers/Unturned/Unturned_Headless.x86 Mono path [0] = '/home/USERNAME/servers/Unturned/Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed' Mono path [1] = '/home/USERNAME/servers/Unturned/Unturned_Headless_Data/Mono' Mono config path = '/home/USERNAME/servers/Unturned/Unturned_Headless_Data/Managed'

I started the server using the parameters ./Unturned_Headless.x86 +secureserver/Test

When I add the parameter -logfile log.log it shows that the server starts fine…

It also doesn’t take any commands I type like shutdown.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help,

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