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As you guys know Unturned ll is still in its early stage. Nelson has given us a few sneak peaks there and. But something that I think hasn’t been mentioned so far (As I’m aware of), is how the servers will work. I myself have had the idea to create a multiplayer server and I believe there are a lot of other people out there who want to do the same. Unturned 3.0 didn’t have the greatest support for public servers until Rocket came in and made it a bit better. I know that Nelson has mentioned a few small things about plugins but there isn’t that much information. I personally think that Nelson should publish a whole article about how servers will run on different machines, such as Linux and windows. I myself know that Windows was more established in unturned 3.0 (Correct me if I’m wrong).

But what do I want with this post?
I simply want information from Nelson about how servers will work, how you can make your own plugins, what default commands you can expect to come and so on. I think making this available before the actual release would be a great idea because then the community can create great stuff which will drag in a lot of other players.


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The last time the community created good stuff, we finished with a community infected with kids who want RP servers and PvP.


What we do know is that Unturned II will have official servers that are vanilla, and Unturned II will most probably support plugins, as a tie in to the “built from the ground up for modding”.

That is something which happens on my games, the game shapes itself to how the community want it. But not if the game focuses on adding the “PvE” stuff which many players expected in the start. I have been playing Unturned for a very long time now, it was really fun to play the PvE mode but after a while it got boring. That’s why we search out to other servers. Nelson mentioned that modes can be a lot easier, which means that you can create stuff such as capture the flag, PvE related content and so on. So I don’t really a see a bad thing about having the community shaping it. Unturned ll will just have more content for people who get bored from the PvE part.

Correct. However those official servers will only be for people who has purchased the premium pass. Nelson also mentioned that plugins will be supported, as well as the modding but nothing more then that. And I personally think that the game should focus more on plugins rather then focusing on modding. Having mods just twists the game a lot and turns it to something different. Sure, a plugin can do that too but it doesn’t have a big impact.

Mods are additions to the base game that add assets which are used in similar methods to previous ones. Plugins use code in order to allow admins or servers to do things that can’t be done base game. Plugins is the thing that made the game more PvP like, not mods.

I never said that mods created PvP. What I said was that Mods makes quite the impact when it comes to shaping the game into something else. And once again, what kept Unturned alive was Rocket. 90% of the servers are Rocket made, meaning that plugins kept Unturned alive. We still don’t know what there is to come to Unturned 4.0 but Nelson mentioned that he will focus on PvE mostly, but what do you think will happen with a player who has played PvE for a month or even a week? They’ll simply get bored and will try to search for something new, that’s where plugins are useful. People didn’t like PvP, but the majority played that gamemode which in the end kept Unturned alive.

Why are we dissing mods when they can do similar things to plugins in Unturned II though? :confused:

You can use the Unturned-4.x-EC2 scripts to automate the installation of an Unturned II server onto an EC2 64-bit Linux instance.

I’m unsure of what this means. Hosting a public server without Rocket is just as straightforward as hosting one that is. If you meant something regarding administrative tools, vanilla is planned to have far better tools and management for server staff.

Like Misteri said, Mods are assets while plugins are changes to the code or even extra code to make something happen. Modding doesn’t allow you to add extra commands, create kits and so on. Also, mods have to be installed from both the client and the server. While plugins only need to be installed on the server itself

Correct, this is regarding the different plugins what came with it. Such as administrative tools, new features, kits and so on.

Except “mods” can still add additional functionality to Unturned II (not Unturned 3.0) as far as I’m aware.

Most public & current information regarding modding and servers:

Correct, but it won’t function as a plugin. It will still be an asset

Already had a look there. Like I said in the beginning, he has released information here and there but there is not that much info about plugins & how servers will function with those. https://wiki.smartlydressedgames.com/Upcoming_Features#Servers this explains more about the vanilla part, such as matchmaking, lobbies and so on.

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