Unturned Shortfilm Contest

Welcome to the first Unturned Shortfilm Competition!

The contest will run from July 1st to July 14th, contestants will have one week to finish off production and turn in their entries after the 14th

Turn in here

Entries will be split into three categories: Action, Comedy, and Horror. Each entry will have a chance to win a ‘best overall’. Your entry must be Unturned related or styled.

You will be judged on;

-Camera work
-Story telling
-Humor (comedy specific, if it is listed as comedy but isn’t funny then it will lose points)

You may not use copyrighted music

You may cross-genres, meaning you are allowed to have an entry that fits into multiple genres but you must order your primary genre first


Aliens is Action Horror (action with horror elements)

Alien is Horror, Action (horror with action elements)

Winners in each category will receive a trophy skin of their choice, best overall will receive a golden trophy for their genre alongside a golden trophy for their placement.

Good luck!

Edit: I forgot to mention, the minimum length must be one minute, there is no maximum


hey thats pretty cool


That’s pretty neat!


May I leave some inspiration/idea.


Gold for this one without a doubt @Nylex


Is there any time limit on how long the video should be?


Probably none, since you only have 2 weeks probably a fair bit long, 5 mins or so?
Short films usually that long

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What do you mean one week to finish off production? your date stamps state 2 weeks tho…

cant wait to see what comes of this, make sure to spread this to other platforms aswell.


So the contest is actually running from July 1 to July 21 then?


Smell that?
Smells like antibiotic advertising

What do you mean by trophy, what kind?


Winners of contests get a gold, silver, or bronze skin depending on their placement in a contest. The skin has a ragdoll effect (like the 0k kit) which turns the ragdoll into their respective skin.

I made a reddit post and Nelson agreed to announce it in the next update notes


Oh man this is gonna be great. Time to pull my video making skills from under the couch again.


It’s nice to see things like this being held in the community! It’d be fun to enter but I’d definitely lose haha

You should still give it a shot, maybe get some help with it.

What are group sizes?
I would suggest 4 producers and unlimited background actors.
With the producers receiving the rewards.