Unturned Skin Making

Hi recently i wanted to make smo skins for unturned. Watch some tutorials but heres problem when i open unity with ExampleAssets and find a gun that i wan theres no Modewl_source and its with every gun. Please help. Have a good day.


try blender
see if you have extracted the files properly
or just see ur console for errors
best way is to use blender

im using blender and i dont have any errors in my console
I mean im doing it like in MeLikeBigBoomTutorial

I would assume his tutorials are outdated

That was back in 2015?
Iā€™d find something that was updated sometime around 2019 or 2020

Like a steam guide or something

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i mean only the searching files of this tutorial is diffrent and i even contact with steam skin creators but it just that theres no model source

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