Unturned Texture Problem

Hi, I was looking for some game issues to get “Debugger’s Beret”, and by chance I found this problem, I don’t know if the topic is right, but as long as the game gets better and better optimized, and I can play I’m still happy.
The problem is that players can hide their items in the roofs of the houses in the game, because the end of these roofs does not collide.
It’s not such a big deal, but if people start doing this, the raid experience won’t be the same, because everyone will start hiding them and it wouldn’t make sense.
Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad English

Link ---- > Unturned Texture Problem (BUG) - YouTube

Sorry my friend but the debugger beret is no longer handed out due to some member crying about it

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I don’t mind, that beret was optional for me. I hope that the problem is fixed and that I can play quietly :slight_smile:

Substantiate your claims

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