Unturned trailer must be remade

Nugi95’s video: The Unturned Trailer Must Be Remade - YouTube
What do you think about this? For me personally I think author of this video is right, and besides official maps curated, featured and MapJam maps should also be seen in a new official trailer, if it will ever be made.

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didnt nelson say he wants to remake it in the podcast? iirc hes waiting on the tree rework or smth

edit : new trailer should have a staswalle song or i riot


This is the relevant timestamp.


I’d be up to assist.

you didn’t put timestamp in there

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He did, it’s 2:39:26

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no, in the link

It does show 9566s in the URL (for me atleast).

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If you watch from the forum, it works fine. Looks like the embed just doesn’t put the timestamp in the video title as well, which I believe may be intentional but confusing

Oyamat is correct about the timestamp at 9566s (2:39:26) though.

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Nah, i was just clicking this small text, that’s why I had no timestamp link (just a regular one)

Anyway, if new trailer would be made, then I think it should be separated into official (which would be called just “Unturned Trailer”) and community trailer (Called “Unturned Community Trailer”).
Official one will show official and maybe curated maps, community one - featured, MapJam maps and maybe even servers that were included on menu screen upper banner.

This is because the game doesn’t go around official maps anymore, but more around curated and Steam Workshop-based content, like featured and curated maps, modded servers and custom gamemodes, which, I’m sure, we all can admit. Therefore community trailer could, not exactly should (there are some troubles on the way, I’ll tell more later), be made.
Although there’s no doubt that official maps still have some popularity among players. Some veterans who play the game for a long time are still coming back to them for nostalgia. New players, while taking a larger fraction of Unturned playerbase, almost always choose to play full or semi vanilla servers or singleplayer when joining the game for the first time. That’s why the new trailer for official maps should be made. +Nugi’s video explains why and Nelson tends to admit it.

On the other hand, community trailer idea has some challenges within the concept. Including servers that were shown on menu banner is controversual, I think it’s not fair to other gamemodes/servers which won’t be included in it, just because they will ‘shine’ & show up later. Also, combining that large amount of featured/MapJam/Workshop content there is would be pain in the ass for people who will work on recording and editing the trailer.

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