Unturned Trivia #1

Here, have a 20-question quiz to test your knowledge on various Unturned subjects.
Game code is 544018 at https://join.quizizz.com/


that was actually pretty cool

I got 7 wrong

Holy crap I haven’t done my homework on this game .___.

Pineridge RP Items v2

Lmfao, that was an exceptionally unexpected reference.

Did you make this?

I made the quiz, yeah.

Was pretty cool seeing some France related stuff there.

I’d argue that question about what Schofield is based on is incorrect due to the fact that only with introduction of Russia map it became Russian battle rifle, for long time it used to be just French battle rifle and people just speculated about what rifle it was based on (unless there was official confirmation that it is a Mosin but I never saw one).

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It was officially confirmed to be a Mosin, and is the successor to 2.2.5’s Mosen.

Wikia gets quite a lot of things wrong so I prefer not to trust it completely but Molt’s explanation makes sense.

this sucks

I got 60% right


That’s because you’re a 40% wrong kinda guy.


second time I got 7th

hell yeah i got a bunch right, surprisingly

40% :neutral_face:

2nd place, suck it nerds.

bob yeet would never make unturned

Wikipedia has incorrect facts because the random people who make them arent professionals in that subject, and get it wrong. (Yes, random people like you and me actually make wiki pages, the Wikipedia staff only regulates and removes incorrect wiki’s, but since there are so many it takes a LONG time.)

Molton montro made the unturned wiki, so every fact is pretty correct.

I can’t wait for moltons wiki to replace the unturned bunker one, I really really don’t like any aspect of bunker if im being honest.