Unturned - Weapons Expansion Project

Hello! I and some people have been working on a weapons expansion for Unturned. The project is still very much work in progress but we have decided to start releasing some of the content and I wanted to share our first release here, and hopefully get some feedback.


Rampage is a machine gun inspired by real-life M60. I based the gun on concept art made by @Sirba. Custom animations and sounds were made by none other than @Dieselsisel

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are much appreciated.


Helicopter + this gun = lost war


glad to see the sights are still tight as a leprechaun’s asshole, even in unturned

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Let’s just all agree that the M240 Bravo is miles better than the M60, but since it fits the same role, just imagine it as a M60.

hey look it’s my metal stick with bullets

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woah, nice

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