Unturned: Welcome to France



damn thats pretty epic




Good luck on the release.


There better be a white flag in this or I’m reporting the map to Gaben


This can also go towards Greece!



Can’t wait to play it, my dude.


Ooooh yeaaah, here comes the Eiffel Tower country.


jeez. is that paris? 2015 did her a disservice.


hype hype baguette


cue the french flag isn’t a white flag jokes


Ok c’est epic


When the new frence map arrives and baguette is a melee weapon. I’ll be blasting this for hours to come.


I can’t tell if you are joking or are concerned with the look of Paris, lol. I will admit that this shot shows two bare sided apartment buildings which look bad though.


Hopefully the release won’t be like hawaii’s. Also is this map timed.


Fully curated, and it’s supposed to have a good launch considering the two years+ time put into it.


yeah this map is gonna be good.


Fuck the map, those look like some amazing objects.

(Though that Eiffel tower looks weird, or maybe that’s the landmark render of it)

Also, wasn’t there supposed to be like a custom gun that came with this map? Molton said something about it a while, I think it was a FAL, and that’d be good as long as it isn’t that one from Ireland that looked terrible.


Eiffel Tower from Las Vegas


I think the Eiffel tower had to be smaller for optimization reasons.