Unturned: Welcome to Pine Ridge Valley

I have finally started work on my dream project. I will start pasting pictures after some time.

Till then you can read the roadmap of the map on Trello.


Which country is this map based in?

What a unique name!


Go for it!


notice: neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Pineridge, which does not exist.


I’m interested in what the decision was for calling it “Pine Ridge Valley”. Is it related to the official Pineridge map that Nelson worked on in the past? Or is it just describing the environment?

Let’s hope its good either way.

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Odd name, but good luck bro!!

@Sampied Sweet map bro.

Well to everyone to tell I kept the name Pine Ridge Valley because it has a envirnoment related to a forest
If anyone has watched the series “dark” just like that. Moreover I think it’s also an official unturned map in unturned 2soyeah I liked the name .
The map is present on the US-Canadian Border on the west coast probably I will have to figure that out a little

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thanks dude

I sincerely recommend that you change the name, lest someone accuse you of ripping it off on release.


I can’t imagine Nelson DMCAing Sampied for using “Pine Ridge” in the name of his map, in Nelson’s own game.

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You do realize Pineridge was canceled, right? You can’t rip off something that doesn’t exist.

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but the pineridge category doesn’t exist what are you talking about

I would think he meant more along the lines of people getting confused that this Pineridge is the same as the U2 map, and then getting angry when they realize that it’s a different thing entirely.

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The Name exists in peoples heads and everyone knows about it, so even if it doesnt exist people will say its a rip off, as it ripped the name of something Nelson created

WHAT’S With the name
Please explain me

Oh cool, a map based on a rural Appalachian town with ties to the Manhattan Project. Sounds really interesting, I can’t wait! /s

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Woah Dude you got it wrong
I changed the name cause of the official cancelled UNTURNED II map
BUT your replies are giving me ideas

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Actuall Oak ridge would be cool as you can have a bunch of dead zones and shit cos the place is filled with military installations.

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