Unturned Wont load into Main Menu

Okay so I tried playing Unturned on sunday it crashed within a few seconds of startup, so i did some things to fix it. The next day i try again but this time Unturned would open but won’t load into the main menu, so i tried reinstalling it, backed up the files, verified it. I asked some friends to help, One of them said to verify it so i did, it said 122 files missing. I backed it up and tried playing, Nothing happened just the same thing, So he said to leave it running over night so I did. Nothing happened, Im getting tired of this problem. I use a Linux 64bit Manjaro, it usually can handle Unturned most of the time. I tried deleting some registry in userdata. Nothing.
So it would be nice if i could get some help from an expert or something it aint my PC its just unturned.
Here’s a Screenshot image

Try verifying integrity of game files.

I’ve done that already it said i was missing 122 files so i backed up the files
ill try again.

try uninstalling Unturned and reinstalling it

No need to back any of it up tho.
Aslo, post specs.

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