Unturned won't start

So i’ve been having this problem for the past hour. When i hit play on steam it ran like normal, then it shows a white screen. After that it just closes by itself. Please help.
Edit: even though i haven’t replied, i did the reinstallation and it worked, thanks.

Have you verified game cache?

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If that doesnt work try reinstalling but make sure to back up your "Maps before that

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You seem to have missed most of the possible fixes to this issue. Again as with the metric tons of people who appear to forget, I’m going to recommend the typical bout of:

  • Verifying game cache

  • Updating all drivers

  • Performing a clean reinstall complete with the manual removal of residual files

  • Making sure you have the latest OS version (I honestly doubt you’ll need to do this but who knows)
    Checking for potentially corrupted files

In addition, please send crash logs and specs if possible.

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thanks xd xd

I’m a little late here but this happened to me before and a simple re-installation (although it’s inconvenient) fixes the issue. I think it’s some missing files or something related.

I fixed it by removing my npc files