Unturned's 10th Anniversary

Today, we celebrate ten years of Unturned on Steam!

If you’d like to read a long-winded rambling blog post from the overly nostalgic developer, you may enjoy: Reflecting on 10 Years of Unturned

Event Content

The main menu is decorated with a harkening back to the 2.0 era. And, for the first time, we’re releasing a craftable mystery box, or, more accurately, mystery… tophat?

Reach in and draw a random item from the hat! Its design pays homage to the company’s early hat-themed logos (I named SDG when I was around 12-13 and unfortunately don’t recall quite what I was thinking). The hat contains a variety of classic items from Unturned 2.2.5. It’s similar to the original Anniversary Gift Bag, but freely craftable rather than a playtime drop in our continued opposition against bot farms.

For the next two weeks, as part of the anniversary event, you can craft it from Menu > Survivors > Inventory > Crafting:

Credit and special thanks to Toothy Deerryte! We hired her to port the assets from her 2.0 data mining, and I think she brought a special nostalgic perspective as a player from that time.

New SDGNelson Plush

We’re also excited to unveil a new collaboration with Makeship to make the SDGNelson/SDG-logo-character into a limited-edition collectible plush toy!

With your own genetic* clone of Unturned’s developer (Nelson), you’ll have unprecedented access to request features, report bugs, and ask your burning questions about the lore**.

*It’s yet unconfirmed whether the original Nelson is composed of polypropylene cotton and ultra-soft fleece. This is almost certainly a marketing gimmick.

**Plushie is incapable of responding or acting on these inquiries. But hey, don’t let that stop you from asking away!

View SDGNelson Plush on Makeship

To produce them we need to reach the funding goal of 200 orders before the campaign ends. Everyone will be refunded if the 200 mark is not achieved.

View Makeship FAQ

Recent Major Update: A Carr Update

In case you missed it, earlier this week we released a major gameplay update, too! Various vehicle improvements, an audio menu, kicking for grass-colored skin, and more:

Read A Carr Update Announcement Post


Yay, finally anniversary. Nice update. Is Nelson Plush going to have code for ingame item?


I remember when I was a little kid maybe around 7 or 8, playing DeadZone on roblox. Couple years down the line I was around 12 when I discovered Unturned on steam. I specifically remember playing in my kitchen on my mothers “craptop” and mispronouncing Tacoma as “Taco-ma”. I have around 6000~ hours now and I couldn’t thank Nelson enough for the literal DECADE of enjoyment he has given me growing up. Also 4th plushie lets go :two_hearts:

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That’s a good question

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We haven’t been mentioning the Steam item in the plushie descriptions because it’s intended as a special extra/bonus benefit rather than a main reason for purchasing the plushie. (I really liked the idea when Steam first did it with e.g. the TF2 Balloonicorn - one of my friends at the time had that.) We don’t want to make Steam feel like we are trying to sell items outside of their platform. But yes: Everyone who purchases the plushie will receive a CD key for an in-game version sometime between the campaign ending and shipping out.


Yea. I understand you. I just asked about the code for other people. I actually want to buy my first Plushie like to show that I would like to support the game and to consider myself like a real fan of the game with this toy.

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Thanks for your support! Also, just in case: I didn’t intend my message to come across as judgmental, my apologies if it did, it’s perfectly OK if you like it for the in-game item, too! Our concern is if players don’t like the physical plushie itself then that’d be important feedback and we should adjust accordingly.

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The toy looks great! I didn’t even think about purchasing previous toys, but this toy is the personification of Unturned x Unturned II

I have to buy a mini-Nelson toy

Have you thought about sending your autograph along with the toy? Personally I would like this


Yes, Nelson’s autograph would be awesome to see


Happy 10th anniversary to those who have not yet transformed. Congratulations from Chinese player bilibili Banana Cat