UO Ban Appeal Request

I was banned from UO half a year ago. My ban reasons were toxicity, bigotry, player and staff disrespect. I am not denying that I broke rules and im not here to make excuses for my actions. Im making this appeal because I feel the ban was a bit unfair. I would have made this appeal sooner but I knew at the time that trying to insta appeal wouldnt do any good. I apologize for disrespecting the staff in UO, they were only trying to do their job and I took out frustration on them. And I wish to apologize to the players I argued with and belittled. No amount of apologies will fix what I did. Im simply asking for your consideration in a appeal.

My discord tag is Sheffield01

I’ve forwarded your ban appeal internally to the Discord staff team.

Appreciate it.

Am I able to reqest the ability to talk to a member of the UO staff team on discord. I wanted to voice some things and didnt think doing on forums would be necessary.

Why is your username a Nazi warship :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t believe that having a historical boats name is a problem. The boat was named after Prince Eugene of Savoy, a distinguished 18th-century general in the service of the Holy Roman Empire.

Just following up briefly to say that the staff member responsible for your ban isn’t immediately available. Given that this is a longstanding ban, it may take a bit longer than usual for staff to consider the appeal.

Noted, thx for the heads up.

Your appeal has been denied at this time.

Appeal denied.