Upcoming Update (Chat UI, Greece 3/3, and more!)

Getting hyped for the next Unturned update, coming either tomorrow (pretty likely imo!) or the following Friday! First up on that note?



Time for Greece’s third update to finally be released, alongside the obvious new cosmetic stuff for its box. (Return of the vehicle skins once more!?)

Chat Improvements


“Longer max message length” is a real blessing. The rest of the improvements too, I guess, but let’s be real here about priorities!

Continuous Integration

aka less of the game breaking every update

Less RAM usage

aka less of the game crashing every start-up


that’s good for 3.x optimazations, But that was supposed to be done a long time ago.

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Some of the issues causing such high innate RAM usage is still unclear, and some of it has to deal with how the game’s infrastructure was built.

In this particular case, RAM has spiked more recently and that is the concern: being able to drop that spike back down (of course anything else is still a real plus too). Although Nelson can’t really redo the game’s infrastructure without it just becoming Unturned II, he can create new methods to help reduce RAM (especially on Russia and other large maps).

So, yeah, it’s something that really preferably wouldn’t have been a problem to begin with. However, we’re far past that point. Doesn’t make the improvement any less good just became it came later on though! It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a “real” Unturned update, and an optimization pass instead of feeding into the parts of the community with their priorities on weapons is nice.


Can’t wait to find out all the buzz with the Greek NPCs

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Now on the Preview branch!


Danm. Nelson is becoming a 3.0 god again.

Damn* (please Chars)