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This wiki page is a record of upcoming features teased, mentioned, or confirmed by Smartly Dressed Games and associates for Unturned. As these features have not been released yet, many details may simply be conjecture based on comments and images. All features are cited, but this information is subject to change or removal as the game progresses.

Some features are marked a specific color to represent their current status. (EDIT: I do run the wiki through colorblind filters relatively often, and for now this should be alright, although there are some skin-related changes I’ve considered making down the line.</end edit>)

  • Features marked a chartreuse green are completed and expected in the next build of the game.
  • Features marked a dark yellow are currently incomplete but confirmed to be in development, and will most likely appear in the next build.
  • Features marked a steel blue are confirmed to be in development but are unlikely or unconfirmed to appear in the next build.
The page is still a work-in-progress with a few oversights, formatting issues, and etc., but is functional. The addition of color coding was done sometime during the sourcing of 41 Trello cards, so there’s a lot of features (that would have been marked green) missing. I have since gone back and added a few of those from the first couple of sources.
Due to some missing extensions, the page’s load time may be higher than any other wiki page until it is cached on your browser (or until some choice extensions are installed). Not everything on the list has an equal chance of being added. The Trello cards are by far the least reliable source for information, and was made before Nelson even decided on using the Unreal Engine. I have had to cut out some of the cards from the Trello board due to it being so dated. As usual, the SDG Blog, SDG Forum, and GitHub are the best sources (although the old Reddit AMAs are relatively consistent with modern information too).
If you ever directly cite the “Upcoming Features” page itself, I recommend citing the specific page revision too, as the way information is presented may change over time. Just go to https://wiki.smartlydressedgames.com/index.php?title=Upcoming_Features&action=history and click the date of the revision (e.g. 08:03, 15 April 2018). From there, you could also link to a specific heading by clicking on it in the Table of Contents or by adding #HeaderNameHere to the end of the link.

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Quality speaks for itself, so if you’re really determined, push yourself to make high-quality suggestion posts. I find that if you’re creative enough, imagery is also a very big help in demonstrating your idea. Other than that, be concise with formatting and rationale, and be ready to defend your idea from negative critics as well as accepting constructive criticism.

That’s my two cents for you. I really would appreciate a good push for high quality content in this forum.

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Nicely organized!


Looks like you got the Nelson Stamp of Approval there, Molt. Great job, as always, you always make everything just as detailed as it has to be and nice, neat, and easy to read and understand.

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unturned 4.0 vehicle sneakpeak xD?

Yeah,spotted it at 4.13.Awesome,Since I translate it in Chinese at 4.14,Everyday some centance would change color.That’s mean Sdg’s working really hard thank ya!Hope new Devlog would show up soon.

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Never mind, just had a hard time understanding what you just said

Very well done, earned my respect.

Hmmmm…I see the"Upcoming Features" at April.13th and do a little translation work for my friends,finished at the next day.And everyday Nelson Sexton finished a lot work on Upcoming features

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Please read the very top of the page.

“As these features have not been released yet, many details may simply be conjecture based on comments and images. All features are cited, but this information is subject to change or removal as the game progresses.”

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LOOOL good one

This still applies, although some sources have been revisited and more features have been marked up when appropriate.

As of recently, all references and citations on the page have been converted into proper Extension:Cite format. Page load times will be significantly faster now for slower devices than it was previously.

And by extension, any and all recent Twitter posts that pertain to Unturned II are quite reliable, and so are recent Steam Discussions posts by Nelson.

All “upcoming features” that are only sourced by a Trello card will be removed when and if the 4.x Trello Wishlist is fully removed from public view. Any content from new Trello boards will replace those currently listed “upcoming features.”

  • [Basically:] when the roadmap comes out, the page will be losing a lot of content. If you want to suggest something based on the current Trello cards, do it now while Nelson is still focusing on designing the roadmap. [end basic-ness>]

In the future, more useful information will be tied to the citations also. Alongside the conversion of the page to now use Extension:Cite instead of my cheap look-a-like, there’s (as usual) more new “upcoming features” listed on the page.

A friendly reminder than unsourced information is subject to removal, and often will be if it appears to be a casual suggestion rather than an actually upcoming potential feature.

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Did you just give a point by point response to yourself?

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