Upcoming vanilla remodelled gun (and additional custom gun)

So much to read, if you have Reading Phobia, your best choice is to walk away.

Your man here has new content to show off and it’s about remodeling guns that have not been updated for a long time. You people know me for a very very few things and those are: remodeling old guns to make them look more relevant, reworking them in almost all aspects, and some time back some attempts of 4.0 gun sounds, notably the Zubeknakov and Timberwolf. Ok enough talk let’s go straight to what I wanted to show you.

Remodelled Snayperskya

First and important of them all, I have to show the important DMR figure of the ranger class and that is the Snayperskya. A Soviet hard-hitting wonder with sexy animations and sounds, it is a very good weapon to get across for marksmen and it is one of my favorites. Sadly it’s getting a bit old in looks and I make this newer & sexier model that would catch the eye of most slavs, comrades, and gun enthusiasts out there. Unlike the older model, it features the more accurate stock that most SVDs irl use and sports a lot better handguard. Iron sights also have changed, being similar or exact to that of a Zubeknakov.


As you can see here, it still respects the vanilla style of 3.0 while depicting the real iron sights with respect. Even the rear sights get it right for the gun itself! And onto statistics, its pretty much exactly the same. Sure the magazine size of 7 is incorrect, but it doesn’t affect gameplay and stat-wise it is already good in its current state.

Now overall, I’m very proud of what I’m trying to do here for it, remodeling it seems to be enough to make it look better or even the best for 3.0 vanilla style. Statistics will be kept the same because they fit the gun perfectly for 3.0. Hopefully, it will get more recognized than my previous workshop mods and possibly surpassing my G36 pack with Husky because I have another gun to show you people.


So with the remodelled Snayperskya, it has potential to create other weapons similar to it. I started with comrade Klimovskya, a Soviet big boy intended to hit on those that are too hard to penetrate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Jokes aside, it is an even harder-hitting beauty with the same animations and clunky sounds that make it EVEN more beautiful. Obviously, of course, it is of the DMR class, called the Sharpshooter Rifles in Unturned logic, which are rare weapons to get which is a step below epic-tier weapons like ARs and LMGs. It is similar to the Snayperskya but it also has obvious differences. Notably, it would be the skeletal folding stock, darker finish on some parts, and the BIG CHUNKY magazine fitted for it only.


Iron sights are also similar to Snayperskya’s and Zubeknakov’s, except I switched up things a bit like the 4 vertices up there to dominate the other 4 below it. Not much but hey, I have to mention the details to make you interested. Now what you have been looking for, statistics. Now personally with the Snayperskya as the hard-hitter, the Klimovskya would obviously hit harder than your grades. It would do an insane amount of damage that it would kill your pesky naked pest problem with just 2 shots. It will also have an absurd recoil and recoil recovery which you will then have to sarcastically wait for a minute before you can get your best aim. As to follow up the Unturned logic of the Snayperskya’s 7 round capacity, I will go along with it by deducting the Klimovskya’s to 6 rounds to make it fair for vanilla and its sibling or cousin or idk its part of the Dragunov gang.

Like my work done with the new Snayperskya model, I’d say making it was good making this one too. Making more variety after remodeling it was not only fun but it also opened up opportunities for me to create other similar or different weapons with it which happened with this first.

Now hopefully this long stuffs were worth a read for you viewers, I don’t do posts like this often but worth the try on having it interesting by an informal but simple organization (and jokes and memes). There will be part 2 with more guns based on my remodeled Snayperskya model which are custom and for workshop only. So have good time and I hope your presence until the end was worth it.


Niiiiice maan, hope it will be official

“I didn’t read everything because it’s long so it must be good” -danaby2


Sorry for the missing Klimovskya screenshot. Fixed it today and hopefully that will solve the problems of this post.

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