Update - Unity 2017.4 LTS on preview branch


Are there any optimisation improvements?

I’m glad he did it on a preview branch, because that’s a pretty bad bug.

(On Mac btw, no difference when I changed from legacy rendering to the other option, Nelson pls fix)


IDK, works fine for me in both modes. Even workshop items

Are you on Mac?

No, on Windows

Probably just a Mac problem since the post stated that OpenGL is being killed off.

Oh, thought you were also running on Windows and noted about Mac :neutral_face:

Does the game load faster? Crash less? Run faster?

it feels like it loads faster

Hmmmmm I’ll look into it.

On 5400 HDD it doesn’t

Not necessarily worth its own post, but France patch also released.

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Okay, so every fucking workshop mod needs to be updated to the new Unity update? What in the living fuck? Well ain’t that one hell of a goddamn inconvenience. I hope Nelson’s having a nice fucking day.

wait so whats new when we switch to Unity 2017.4 LTS

The main thing is that you’ll still be able to play the game on Mac a few months from now.

Hence the master bundle tool added to make it not a huge inconvenience.

ohh alright. thanks molt.

Yeah. Of course there’s other things, but the main reason the update has to happen is, in short, to continue adequate Mac support.

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