Update is broken

so game loading 10x times slower, spawns are fucked and entire map have urals without wheels and battleye going wild with pirate windows

Do you have UnAuthorized Windows?

Thanks. I won’t update the game.
Seriously, what happened? Everybody’s complaining about loot spawns & every zombie dropping earpieces and civilian armors.

my friend experienced some issues, but it got fixed soon by installing better crack

nelson “optimized” spawns and workshop skins so they lag “less”

I only saw this:

Interesting. There’s nothing about optimizing spawns and workshop skins in the changelog.
it turned into how it was at first, but instead, we have earpieces

Maybe, it can be fixed by loading the old map files.

Hey guys…until the last actualization of unturned i got this issue. I tried to uninstal and install again but i have the same problem. How can i fix it? It says" Windows cannot acces the specified device,path,or file. You may not have the appropiate permissions to acces the item"…

yo better wait for fix


well recently my game has been slow overall sooooo…

Okay. I will not update the game, at least for now.

My game has been running the latest update perfectly fine with zero issues in regard to optimization and item spawns. The current patch ( has likely already patched your issues.

Ad addendum: the latest version is now, which was related to BattlEye.

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