Updated Movement System

The name explains itself, as I think it would be something interesting to change up the movement system. I’m sure a similar post has been made before, but when I say a different movement system I mean something like “Parkour.” What I think would help a little bit is just maybe adding in a simple vault and climb on objects already placed in the world, ex. vaulting over a concrete barrier or climbing on overgrown objects like vines on buildings. It definitely would be an interesting change up in my opinion if something like this was implemented into UT 4.0/II.


im pretty sure nelson said that you should be able to vault over things

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he did

I’m not sure how I feel about climbing up vines. I guess if it were like climbing those nets in Hawaii, where it’s basically a ladder that has an appearance to match its location that would be fine.

Being able to vault over objects is already confirmed for Unturned II, as the others have said.

Vine climbing would be interesting but ultimately quite niche.

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