Updated11/17 Mod Worklog- WasteLand Thaumaturgy

So…Hi there, introduce myself first cuz I’m new to this place.
I had try modding in 2016-17, than I quit for college, and now I’m back, looking for reboot my mod projects.
I was the creator of Epic gear pack and Alchemy Workshop, those two big projects that at last make my decision for going game design major for college.

I was waiting for 4.0 come out than start do modding again, but since 4.0 seems waiting forever so I would just decided doing another big projects in 3.0, which is…the title is Waste Land Thaumaturgy.
I aim this mod to be an PVE & building mod with fun crafting system, also gonna have contents like spells, potions, stuff like that.

This post will be remain as my work log, as I wish to hear people’s suggest and I was eager to let others be interesting with my contents.

Side note is that English isn’t my major language, but I will still trying to cover all the stuff I’m planing in my head.

I also need tons of help…yes, please help, I’m cool with 3d modeling& animation, but a complete noob to unity & codding.
**edit 11/17, I will post my mod road map here, so there could be a clear track what I’m done, as well as a current screenshot of all of the in game mod contents.


11/13, The harsh start of the project.
-For the next weekdays I need to prepare my final exams for first year of college quarter, than I could rapidly build up the content models.

Now I’m just doing some for fun and trying to shape my style.
I have reconsider from my past mods, I feel like mine models styles are such away from original games, which is bad after exams some good mod examples from workshop.

Finished the concept for Zombologist’s crossbow, a main contents in the mod.
Zombologist is the word related with study of Zombie creatures.


Another concept down of a “Research Table”
This is how my crafting system will work:

-collect items–craft into books and notes—going to research table—got blueprints for new items and structure—build the new structures–reply the cycles

also there should be upgrade for research tables.
For right now we’re just start, our character didn’t learn anything about wizzary, so there should be only books and normal stuff on the table.

Concept for researching scenes

Just after starting the concept, I also start doing prop designs, I’m just stick with vanilla style, which means economy minor design, I mind going to apply AO maps and smooth shading for every objects for enhance the graphic.

It looks really cool. I’m looking forward to checking this out when it comes out.

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You could still make it for UII. Nelson has said that when the open beta is released there will be full mod support (hopefully).

These models look good enough for UII with some tweaking.

Oh shit this looks really good! keep it up my mans.

Nice models!

I’m torn because these models are beautiful, but I’ve never enjoyed the research system in any first person game.

Pleasantly surprised by what you’ve got going here. Keep it up!

So… I’m clearing all the details about the mod, which I need to build a road map for myself.
Here it is. This is the crafting system I’m planing to create in this mod, note that this is just a start.

If you posted this in Chinese I would actually understand it and be able to translate it.

lol nothanks, I could handle that.

11/15 here, now I have kickstart the project.
Just finished the first item in the mod.
A zombie’s brain, with custom animation/sound.
The brain will rarely, drop with dead zombie bodies, in my concept, they will also drop with discard a dead zombie body.

who replaced my brain with an ass


Might wanna make a proper texture for the brain. Like tophat said, it looks more like an ass.

I have to say this looks really interesting.
If you need help promoting it or setting up a “official server” for this, just let me know. :slight_smile:

here…I think I got some serious trouble here lol…
The bundle tool seems like non-functioning, it grabs ton of extra stuff and break the asset.

Don’t know what to do, trying to find solution

Good news lol.
Solve the bundle issue, bloody hell I forget to compress the texture…which make the game file huge. Now everything is back on track.
finished all the first 4 items.

And I had some time to develop the mod crafting system, which way more complex, and fun.

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