Warning! i have horrible grammar. but anyways, my idea is similar to rust. if you have wood walls you need to place a sertain amout of wood in a locker so that the base doesnt decay. again this is a very loose idea that i thought of about 15 minutes ago.


This idea makes no sense and would make the game tedious rather than fun. Nobody wants to play base upkeep simulator 2018


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It would bring more to do in the game and reduce lag. no one likes to see old bases creating lag around a server. and it would bring more detail to the game instead of making a base and calling it done. it would also prevent massive mega bases from being built

bring more to do in the game

Adding tedious unnecessary tasks in that we don’t need isn’t something I’d be happy about, nor does it benefit the game.

With your topic of based lagging the server, that is irrelevant for a number of reasons:

  • we already know that since 4.0 is being coded from the ground up on a new engine, it will be infinitely more optimized than before.

  • there’s already many mechanics planned or in place to counter this such as decay, stability, and worldwide navmesh for zombies.

  • building massive bases is heavily resource and time intensive even in 3.0. In 4.0 this will probably be amplified even more so.

I am a veteran of both Unturned and Rust, and I’d really like to not see this unnecessary hassle added into the game, not to mention it makes solo gameplay even harder than it already was.


great i am a veteran in rust and unturned me too view my profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/mortal136/
well unturned have 4 serius problems.
2 to raid 2 to construct

to construct

  1. is possible construct a sky base (is ilogical and EASY to raid)
  2. is possible you grief a map using foundations barricages because have a low cost and other things in a map with cheats off how the admin go destroy this things?

To raid

  1. a simple C4 destroy all and is extremely easy to craft
  2. is possible you construct a ilogical tower of barricages and jump to roof of a giant base in rust this dont is a problem because dont have peoples stealing helicopters in roofs more in unturned have! the less damage and no presence of aceleration and gravity gives a big problem in unturned!

sry my english

My suggestion, a copy of model of construction in rust no is a bad idea!

I have to disagree, its way to easy to build a base and call it done. there needs to be something to keep the base going.

If we’re basing it on Unturned 3, then it’s also way too easy to destroy a base in a fraction of the time it takes to build, and wouldn’t need other hindrances.

The point of upkeep:

  • Resource sink
  • Nerf bases in general
    • Nerf large clan bases specifically
  • Act as an alternative or expansion to a decay system
  • Supposedly reduce the need for weekly mandatory wipes.
  • Add another gameplay mechanic to building.

If crafting materials are not plentiful in 4, then there’s less of a reason for upkeep. As of right now, it is unknown how building, crafting, or resources will function in 4, so I cannot really comment on that. Personally, I doubt the “abundance” of wood being like in Rust or Ark: Survival Evolved where you have multiple stacks of hundreds.

Again, since your post seems to refer to it being too easy to build a base in Unturned 3, I’d like to say that this would actually be a nerf to all bases in general. Raiding is just too easy as it is in Unturned 3, although if we were to discuss this with 4 then I would assume raiding would be better balanced.

Decay systems are sometimes pretty “meh” in general and easy to circumvent. Upkeep isn’t “bad” at making decay systems better, but it doesn’t really do too much in anything in actuality. People with more time to get on and play still keep their bases, and larger bases ran by more people still have an easier time having a large base. It really just hits the smaller players trying to expand out more. That however, could go into encouraging groups/clans and discouraging overbuilding (as a potentially one-time solo player).

I personally don’t think upkeep “solves the problem” of needing to wipe servers.

4 already plans to have more building mechanics in the game, such as electrical wiring and potentially renewable energy generation. Putting a Rust-like upkeep feature in a more intricate building and wiring system with expensively-crafted buildables seems like it’d discourage building, in my honest opinion. This is especially so if other maintenance mechanics were already planned to be added too, on those intricate expensively-crafted items.

Maintenance? Possibly. Rust’s upkeep? No.

Again, if and when stability makes it into 4.0, skybases will be impossible.

One word: decay. Decay will destroy these objects, and either way if someone puts a plate at your door just move the door. Still irrelevant for 4.0 though

That’s a 3.0 problem, not a 4.0 problem

Again, stability will negate this.

Too easy to build a base? If by that you mean it’s far too easy to raid…

DISAPPEARING BASES??? THIS IS ILLOGIC!!! If you build a house in reallife, it will not disappear. If you want disappearing houses in Unturned, you also can rent a Nitrado Server. Houses will disappear… in 3.x!!!

If disappearing bases would be and anable Option for Servers, it would be ok, but as an normal function it would be terribble, especially in singleplayer.

So, do you agree with golen in the part of decay? no in style of a wardrobe more in decay?

First things first, is this real life? and do you buy your house and not repair anything? you keep holes in the walls? if there is a problem you need to have things for upkeep.

Do you do maintenance on your house, by dropping sticks into a bucket, next to your wall?

Would you rather have to manually patch holes in a video game?

Yes, if the alternative is that my wall could spontaneously disappear after my bucket of sticks magically empties.

I don’t think people are asking for upkeep to be the only thing keeping your base from being deleted instantly. People are most likely suggesting it (and I am reading into the suggestions of it as this too) as what keeps your base from starting to decay. Decay either being as it is in Unturned 3 (although likely faster by default), or decay being actual damage to your structures over time.

I hope, structers will NOT decay. Unturned is not Rust! The structures in Rust have to decay because it’s an only-multiplayer-game. This is not the case in Unturned. There is a difference between realism and to much realism.

Decay (and upkeep?) is typically a multiplayer-only feature in games afaik, hence why decay only applies in Multiplayer in Unturned already.

It’s hardly a realism feature too. Realism would be manual & individual maintenance, upkeep/decay is more a multiplayer feature to “automatically wipe” servers (at least, in typical suggestions of it like this thread’s op).

Realistically, @Swig should specify at some point what they actually mean by upkeep, so people don’t have to make personal assumptions on it constantly. Decay, however, is something already in Unturned 3 and shouldn’t need any additional detailing unless @Swig is wanting that changed too, if not entirely replaced.

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