Use LEGO as traps

Basically a super efficient trap for ennemies feets .
Easily find in civilians locations , can hurt a lot .
Useless once you got shoes


I think this belongs in #memes.

Categorized to #memes

Also, most of the Turned should have shoes on, and besides pain will not stop them, bullets will.

Ooooops , yeah sorry , could someone move that here ?

Someone fixed it.

Ok thanks guys for moving it to meme .
But I can guarantee it hurt

Better use actual small threats. Like nails that could infect you, glass to make you bleed etc

mac and fuckin cheese

Oh my god a scar! I’ll just get it I wonder why someone dropPEAFHEJAKAK



Just… y e s

It’s perfect as is, dunno wot your talking bout?

It was changed just as I said it.

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