Use Modders to add to the vanilla game

TLDR: Nelson could request things to be made by modders and he would chose out of the modders who made it best.

I would love to see nelson make requests for unturned objects, items, etc… from the modding community, the new unturned seems a little higher detail so many old models won’t work. If there was some kind of ping system could be put in place where a number of modders could “claim a request” so other modders could see “hey this object needs doing and only 2 other modders are working on making one. I could make my own and submit it to nelson then he can decide which of ours would best match his idea of the object with the fewest vertices”. This would be sort of like the skin voting accept players would be biased. This of course would mean we give up all rights to the objects we make. I feel that this would help nelson be less of an one person army.

Edit: this would be like a website where modders come and go not like a studio. Personally I would model a toilet just so we can have toilets


I understand what you’re saying, but you sound a bit miss-guided. Could be cool though.


Good idea, reminds me of tf2 i think

Lol valve don’t ask the community for anything. Maybe only the people who already made things before that were asked about something but nothing else.

As for the suggestion, it could be interesting to see something like this. Nelson could use the modders as his little worker bees to make something for him. This could decrease the time a project would take if it were only Nelson working on it and it wouldn’t overload him. Just my thoughts

I mean, it would add more stuff to the game and we would get more content faster. But i dont think it will happen sinc Nelson has sayed that he works alone and has it as his own hobby, I think he will have community members make curated maps, but I dont think he will have them work on the game with him. But what do I know, this is 4.0 we are talking about so it could be diffrent :thinking:
But this is just my view on the situation and I could be totaly wrong

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