Useable Gun Event Hook Suggestion

I have a few suggestions for the Useable Gun Event Hook:

  • The “On Equipped” function could be added so that stocks could be folded in the inventory but unfolded when the player equips the firearm.

  • The “On Sight Attached” and “On Sight detached” functions could be added to make it possible to include flip-up iron sights to firearms.

I’ve been working with modded guns for a while and I believe that these suggested functions could be very helpful for me and the rest of the community.


iirc the on equipped function is somewhat possible with an equip animation. In terms of “in the inventory”, the Equipable vs Item prefab distinction can allow for that more cleanly. I’m not sure what you’d really need for an equip function that isn’t already possible.

EDIT: I would like to clarify some things since I got a message from the poster.
As far as the On Equip function, my personal use case is animating a player unfolding a stock or “turning on” a high tech weapon and it reacting. This method rigs the gun itself and the animation data is stored in the gun’s animation prefab. It could maybe affect other game objects via unity animations, but I think this is unlikely. The hook should be updated to include an OnEquip function for exotic use cases.


Maybe they’re wanting the icon to update when the item is equipped? E.g., so that the inventory icon (folded stock) matches the actual equipable (unfolded stock).

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Exactly! It may seem redundant but it could be helpful if you want the icon to update alongside the equipable.

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