Uses for Rope

Rope, it’s one of the most universal and abundant tools out there, so of course, it has a place in every survivor’s arsenal!

First things first, rope should be able to be placed straight out of the inventory, sort of like how in Minecraft a player can place string onto the ground.

With that being said, here are some uses for rope

  • Rope will be a good fire starter and will also be good for keeping the fire going.

  • Rope can be placed to hang down buildings or other objects, creating a safe passage up and down areas.

  • Rope can be used to make nets, which can be used to fish or place traps.

  • Rope can be ignited easily, making it possible to create timed fuses.

  • Hanging a small piece of rope and attaching cans to it, can create an excellent early warning system against the turned.





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I feel like rappeling would be really hard to implement. If it was pre assigned onto objects, that would get buggy on custom maps if people were stacking things (the ability to rappel onto a shipping container, but there are two shipping containers stacked so which one would it automatically rappel too?) and if it was a bake type thing where there is a code that checks what should or should not be rappellable it probably wouldnt be perfect and would lead to some exploitable areas. If you had to make objects rappelable by hand that would get really tedious and probably lead to map makers being frustrated and not doing it. I dont know much about game design or unreal though so take that with a grain of salt.

The rest of this is solid though. I think it would also be really fun to be able to tie people together, making a type of leash, or even turned that you have somehow pacified, it wouldnt be super hard and would open up for lots of really fun situations, like daisy chaining weak zombies together to make a conga line or tying two people together and watching them struggle for amusement. Tying people to cars in a similar way would be fun, but of course for all of these the prisoner should just be able to break the rope after a bit of struggling.

So unexpected.

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  • Rope can be separated into smaller lashing/cordage for using to tie crude tools/implements together.

  • It can also be used to tie heavy segments of wooden construction together for better integrity

  • Rope bridges. Rope ladders. Self-explanatory.

  • Rock climbing/rappelling, when you don’t have proper cables to set up a typical belay. Ropes are more likely to break than cables but will work in a pinch.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t cables refer to metal objects that stoppers and belay devices, ascenders, descenders, etc. aren’t designed to have running through them, while ropes/lines (I don’t understand the distinction between the two) are used universally by climbers across the globe?

I like the idea of rappeling that’d be cool

its a really good idea, also tying crates onto a truck with rope could be a good feature

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  • Improvised vehicle towing
  • Tying up people/animals
  • Fasten cargo over/in vehicles
  • Balancing from a branch/pole
  • Improvised tourniquets (for treating bleeding)
  • Lifting objects from a tall surface
  • Pulling heavy objects
  • Rappeling (from helis. Neat af)
  • Ensuring piles of materials or components (e.g. planks)

Ima bring more ideas later.

The point is: there are so many uses for rope IRL. It’s unfair to see it being real close to useless in a survival game.


Tape, nails, glue, and various other modern crafting supplies that are insanely versatile intensify

But for real, yes. Rope fibers are even woven into duct tape IIRC to keep it from stretching

Duct tape and WD-40 are the only things that every Unt engineer needs :3


but boyscouts need rope, because engineers cant build an animal trap from duct tape and wd40 /s

ziplines… :smiley:

You forgot some other essentials:

  • Superglue
  • Piano wire
  • Cable ties
  • Tire iron

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