Uses Hair Color previews for cosmetics

Last year, I showed off the addition of some reference tables for player appearance. This included images of each appearance option, their icon in the Appearance menu screen, and their ID (which is relevant when creating custom NPCs).

These reference tables are primarily helpful for modders looking to create custom NPCs. However, they’re also a useful way to preview appearance options all in one spot (or if you don’t have the Gold DLC to view a certain one in-game).

These tables can be found on the Player article.

Uses Hair Color

A similar table can now be added to articles about cosmetics that have the “Uses Hair Color” emissive! This is primarily directed at players looking to customize their character, and are meant to help convey the effect of that emissive.

Currently, the table includes preview images for each of the 10 hair colors available to players for free. Here’s the “Slick Hair” cosmetic as an example:

Preview Images

In a similar vein, cosmetic articles will also start to include their cosmetic preview images (just like on the Stockpile).

Cosmetic preview image for the "Slick Hair".


ok, so how do I apply it to items?

hair color

Very based cool

If the cosmetic has Uses Has Color emissive (similar to other built-in effects like Dynamic or Luminescent), then this information applies.


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