Using objects to slow down infected

Basically, you can knock down chairs and stuff to block the path behind you, or at least slow down pursuers who are running after you. Probably you would use this my using the punch melee on an object, which it falls over. Probably only in certain areas.

Read the title

Wouldn’t you trip over something you punched in front of you instead?

Now bruh, you turn around, punch said thing or your fast and get past it before it falls. If you aren’t fast enough you get crushed. Same thing will happen to zombies… That is, if said object is heavy.

This is a mechanic in Dead by Daylight - intentionally knocking down various large furniture items behind you in choke points to impede the enemy. They can climb over it, but it buys precious time.

Yeah I got the idea from there :stuck_out_tongue:

Use table as a temporary melee when? /s.

In all seriousness. That’s pretty cool.
But how would it work is rather confusing to me.

So, how it works in game at the moment is that when you knock down an object such as a chair, you can walk through it. All you would have to do it make it so that when it gets knocked over, its a solid object. As for zombies getting slowed down by it, im really not sure how to implement that. Im sure if Nelson had time he could figure something out though.

Maybe ability to move furniture?

Basically the chair isn’t meant for being used as a weapon. And it breaks. You basically will pick it up but you can store it in your inventory. So ye

I don’t think you should store it in the inventory. It just makes the game has A LOT more stuff because if you can pick up every chair, that’s a lot of chairs.

Sorry, typo that was supposed to be cant,


Lern 2 put in ’ ma dood.

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Bruh, no. I wont

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