VAC Ban, it's probably a mistake

I went into my steam account and saw that I was banned from being banned from Unturned for nothing, I didn’t use cheats, macros or other banned software to gain an advantage over players, especially since I had a little over 600 hours and I would never have taken a chance. Unturned is my favorite game and I hate when I meet a cheater or a bug in it. I ask you to reconsider my prohibition and breed, so I believe it was unjust and wrongly given. I hope for your understanding, I really want to play my favorite game as soon as possible
I have not applied to technical support for a long time because I did not know how to do it and just got upset and created a new account
IDSteam: 76561198181788842

It’s a game ban issued by BattlEye.

Regardless, we do not process ban appeals nor will they be removed from your account regardless of what you claim. they are permanent and non-negotiable.

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