Vanilla Servers?


Looking for a good one, haven’t found any recently. Looking for the standard normal, 1st person with vehicle 3rd person. Normal vanilla settings, no rocket, Russia.

The last one I was on had rocket and 6 admins that banned people for very odd reasons lol. Don’t go there if you see it, name was “Old School [Pure Vanilla] Discord pPVpNsR”. Owner’s snap at people for the littlest things with no patience.

Also looking for servers that are full like 24/24 if anyone knows any that are vanilla. Wouldn’t mind washington, pei or whatever if very active as well.


True “vanilla” servers shouldn’t have Rocket at all. You joined an unmodded server, but it was still not a vanilla server.

In the server filter settings within the ingame browser, you can filter to only vanilla servers by clicking the “Any Plugins” option until Vanilla appears.


Nope. The only plug in is for admins and did not affect gameplay in any capacity.


A vanilla server, by definition, is one that is free of Rocket or other plugin engines entirely.

The fact that you even mentioned there was a plugin to begin with confirms that it was indeed not a vanilla server.


You didn’t read the part where “affects gameplay”. Thanks for the input in this discussion though.


Bruh, even if it doesn’t affect gameplay, IT ISNT VANILLA


It doesn’t matter.

You cannot change the definition based off of what the plugin does - no matter what, if the plugin is there to begin with, you’re definitely not on a vanilla server. And you clearly were not on a vanilla server. They falsely advertised themselves as one and you were a victim of it. Even some servers that don’t have plugins at all, as long as they have just Rocket installed, are not vanilla. One of the main indicators of a Rocket server is that it is impossible to install a plugin on a vanilla server, unless it is a plugin you somehow developed yourself, entirely separate from Rocket (which judging by the circumstances here is not the case).

To find a true vanilla server you can follow my advice above. Thanks for the understanding.