Variable zoom scopes

Would be nice to see scopes with variable zoom in unturned II. Basically they are scopes that you can zoom in/out with, for example a 4-8x variable zoom scope would have a minimum zoom of 4x and maximum of 8x and you could set it to an increment too like 6x. The zoom could be changed with the mouse scroll wheel when you are aiming down the scope.


This is a good idea. It would be nice if there would be scope adjusters for bullet drop and wind speed(Bullet drop will absolutely be in the game but we don’t know anything about wind yet) and devices that measure it, also for each line on the scope there should be the amount of meters for which it is used.

Sure I guess

i would actully like to see this.

It would be nice but for game play reasons I think it should take a little while to swap the zoom. Nothing too long just a second or two.

Depends. If it’s done via adjusting the actual optic, sure.
If it is as simple as adjusting your cheekweld then it should not take more than a half a second or whatever.

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