Various Radio/Walkie Talkie related suggestions for improvement of their mechanics and purpose

Currently, in Unturned 3.x, the Walkie Talkie, and earpiece by extension, are some of the least used mechanics/items due to being widely considered a worse alternative to a Discord/Skype/Steam call and having next to no purpose outside of just communicating with other players at a longer range. The aim of these general suggestions is to expand that purpose or at least make the mechanic and items a bit more usable to the general player.

To start it off, a few things are likely required to make the mechanic itself more accessible and easy to understand. These are:

  • Reducing the excessive amounts of channels the player can use to a more reasonable degree.
  • Making changing channels less of a confusing task for players not familiar with the menus, preferably by interacting with the Walkie-Talkie item itself.
  • Removing alternative items just to consistently use or hear the radio, specifically the earpiece, to instead make the Walkie-Talkie item do everything it really needs to do.

Addressing these more “cluttered” design choices of the radio can give a nice basis of expanding on its use while not complicating it more than it needs to be with hundreds of channels usually left unused.

This, sadly, does not address another flaw of the radio though of its lack of real purpose in either Singleplayer games or Multiplayer games where the user does not need to or care to interact with others. My idea for that is to have either time or randomized “events” that can be called out by various in-game factions over a specified radio channel to give players knowledge of those events happening on the map in other locations, such as an Airdrop notification or bandits being spotted near a specific location or an airdrop being deployed in x time near x location. This will give more incentive for the players to have a walkie-talkie in their inventory rather than just scrapping it the second you find one as it can give them valuable information of what’s happening in their surroundings.

How do you feel about the Walkie-Talkie currently though? Feel free to vote for what you think below or reply with what you think the Walkie-Talkie could use that I might’ve not thought of or listed here!

  • I think the Walkie-Talkie and it’s derivatives are fine as they are currently and do not need changing in 2.
  • I think the Walkie-Talkie and it’s derivatives do need changing to fill their purpose better and agree with what you’ve suggested.
  • I think the radio could use changes but not the ones specifically listed in your post.

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