Vehicle collection and borrowing for npcs

This could also work for unturned 3, to help fix the lack of vehicles on multiplayer servers that have npcs. Essentially you accept a quest to go to a location an find a vehicle, then drive it back to the npc. in turn the npc will let you borrow that vehicle and hold it when you return it. If it is destroyed, you have to complete another quest, or if you don’t like the vehicle, have to complete the fetch quest and hope for a better one. If you keep it for yourself, the npc will not store the vehicle for you, and it would/could despawn when you leave the server or game. This is a good feature as it can allow for everyone to have one safely stored vehicle on a server, and get a replacement if its destroyed.


You know what, that sounds neat. NPCs can already “sell” vehicles, I am pretty sure there are garage plugins out there so I don’t see why Nelson couldn’t make that a game feature.

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There is actually a feature to have a safely stored vehicle. You might have heard of it, it’s called basebuilding.

Yes and the base gets raided and the car blown up

if you think unturned bases are safe, your not correct.

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