Vehicle colors

Ability to change color of your vehicle: in RRGGBB format, buttons for 8 basic colors, for military colors

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they would be skins and basic vehicles are colored :confused:

I’d prefer having the color of the vehicle that spawns being based on chance. If spraypaint or something similar is added, that’d be acceptable for me too.


Would be better if the dev made it so he doesn’t have to create like 8 variations of the same thing but let the game decide the color. Once spawned, it will retain the color unless spray painted


This to. Color definitely still needs to be made an attribute instead. Just need to make sure this is easily able to have modding capabilities too, though.


I agree with Molton. Would be nice to have a bodygroup/attribute function, this could open more variations for items in 1 object. Good example of bodygrouping function is Garry’s Mod.


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