Vehicle damage

In 3.x, the only visual reminder you have that your car is ready to kill everything in a 5 meter radius is a little bit of vapor. In II, I think that there should be visual dents, like scratches and bullet holes on your car that you have to repair with a blowtorch (Extremely, the mesh warping and distorting similar to BeamNG). Maybe the location of the damage on your car effects the performance of that area. Perhaps someone shoots the doorhandle to the driver’s side, now you have to enter through another door or your headlight was damaged and it doesn’t work anymore. Even a mega zombie could come over your fender and tear it off, making your vehicle more vulnerable to direct impact.

I’d like to see some of this stuff.


I agree, making it more obvious that vehicles are about to fucking explode is nice. As well as making the explosives bigger

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That would be a pretty nice feature to have

yes, i wanna car bomb my enemies

Definitely would love to see more damage on vehicles. Maybe not full soft body physics, but still.

I like the idea of any ANY explosion drop fragments in all directions in losing dmg with distance with this logic pick a cover after a car explode its a possibility

This could also apply to vehicle armor (If it makes it’s way to the game in the first place),like seeing plates or bars dangling and falling off your vehicle.


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