Vehicle modification concept



I like your concept, but your example is really weird. And I assume this is planned already since unturned 3.0 already has vehicle modifications.


u can build on cars in 3.0 but ther isnt upgrade made for the cars like the snow plow … like this type of modification for example


The closest 3.0 has to vehicle modification is replacing tires and batteries and freeform buildables. This topic has been discussed several times before, and Nelson has said somethingds along the lines of having replaceable windows, and different types of tires.


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Good idea, it would give you the posibility to adapt your vehicle to whatever situation you need it for


I need my makeshift car to turn into an armored, amphibious, flying, submersible, nuclear powered aircraft carrier, with 120mm cannons, a winch, sirens, heatseeking missles, a snow plow, tinted bullet proof, smoke dischargers and a towed woodchipper.