Vehicle modifications in 4.0 (Weapon Mounts)

I know this has been brought up in other threads before hand. But it would be nice to have vehicle modifications. This particularly came up with me yesterday, as Foxhole (my third most played game on Steam) is getting a massive vehicle update. Now you can customize vehicles or modify them from the original model. I see that to be pretty neat myself and a fresh breath of wind into the Foxhole game.

The Devstream showing off the new update if you’re interested:

Now you may be curious and say “WARCORP, what does this have to do with Unturned II.” Well my friend, it’s simple. Unturned is a survival game, and it would be nice to have vehicle modifications. One example, being the ability to put a machine gun on a flat bed and turn it into a technical. Like a buildable turret like a heavy machine gun that you can deploy onto a vehicle and mount, just like buildables in Unturned but with the ability to use the weapon.

Here’s a few examples of Sandpiper modifications, but it’s with “buildables” and ideal vehicle modifications. You could for example, craft an improvised bomb rack with a few improvised oxygen tank bombs or a barrel bomb for example in order to drop bombs on fortifications or fire rockets as air support. Here’s four examples of what I’m referring to for the most part. Air tank bombs, barrel bombs, and can based ordinance.

Same could apply for ground vehicles and improvised artillery. One example could be building an improvised artillery gun or mortar on a truck. There’s plenty of examples of improvised weapons being used in the Syrian Civil War. Fire hydrant shells being used in creation of mortar shells. Etc, etc, etc.

This idea would be for late game multiplayer, and for balance these modifications would generally need constant maintenance and repairs in order to maintain, costing around 2-5 scrap per repair and having to be repaired every 20-30 uses.

This example is just for weapon mounts, but it could potentially also apply to other parts of the vehicle.


This would be a suggestion that I’d like to see later down the line in Unturned II, sometime when the game’s further developed and all the core features are added and optimized.

Tomorrow I’m going to go over the potential vehicles that such an “arms race” format of vehicle modification system could look like for vehicles in Unturned II. I’ll go over both utility and logistics, passenger, and combat vehicles.


Very cool idea, this would be really cool to have in Unturned II.

I think UII’s focus on vehicles should be instead of military vehicles that are inherently “better” than civilian ones and the only ones with weapons on them, civilian vehicles can be heavily modified, armoured, weapon mounts and other customizations added.

Having and maintaining vehicles in general should be something someone can only efficiently do in the mid to late game, so to me these things don’t sound that OP, or whatever.


I dont mind the idea its just that mounting front mounted weapons on propeller aircrat with a frontal propeller doesnt sound that great cos i dont think anyone can make weapon interrupter gear after the apocalypse

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I think this is a great idea and hey could you like go through my recent thread as well see if you can take something from there as well when you go over things tomorrow

Also Id like it if the mounting machine guns wasnt Late game, The Idea is to have the ability to mount weapons but the limiting factor should be the weapon and not the mounting itself,

Another thing is the unique vehicles; unique civillian vehicles should be vehicles modded with weapons which are not mountable with available mounting types,

Military uniques should be exceedingly rare and obtainable only as endgame items, an example would be like the M48 chaparral which is a variant of the M113 APC but with 4 Chaparral missiles

Modifications on military vehicles should be more or less fixed and not as flexible as on civilian vehicles, an example of this would be a 20mm Autocannon on a M113 or a Grenade machinegun the Mark 19 or a Hot AT missile launcher on a Humvee. These mods should be rare but worth it. They should be more effective than the civilian modifications.

Another class of uniques would be (Insert mysterious name here) vehicles these are Super stealthy vehicles nearly impossible to get like maybe one or 2 examples of each kind per server, one example that pops into my mind is a very quiet one man helicopter rather small as wel;l with a sniper rifle on a turret giving the driver the power to eliminate his foes undetected.

Something similar to this

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As much as I’d like to see weapon mounts and improvised armament added to the long list of possible vehicle modifications for UII, my primary concern is with balance and immersion.

  • Yes, it sounds cool to mount a rocket pod onto any old plane, until you’re the one whose base gets completely bombed to the ground (by what literally amounts to a tin can with explosives packed into it no less) from somebody who flies out of range before you can even react or return fire. This isn’t even considering the range the rockets themselves would have - you could fire them from outside the effective range of small arms.

  • As for frontal MGs on planes, mounting one on the front of a prop plane such as U3’s Sandpiper would absolutely obliterate the propeller of your own aircraft. You’d need a synchronization gear for a configuration like that to work, and even though this technology has been around since WWI, it’s stil probably beyond the reasonable scope of what an average survivor would be able to craft. A rear-mounted MG would be better balanced though.

  • Improvised artillery is much more reasonable, both from a gameplay and a realism standpoint. However, improvised artillery would also be quite difficult to use effectively, and I think should be limited to man-portable models such as handheld launchers or hand mortars rather than something that could be fired from a moving vehicle.

  • As with any other up-arming of a vehicle, the added weight of modifications should negatively affect vehicle handling characteristics (especially for civilian vehicles not designed to handle them). Making something rare or a material sink isn’t enough - there should be both active and passive balance measures to act as disadvantages.

In summary, I get what you’re trying to incentivise with giving civilian vehicles more use and adding more makeshift variety, but a lot of the concepts you’re bringing up are crudely and questionably balanced (even for U3’s standards, let alone UII’s). A better incentive IMO would be implementing a variety of utility-focused modifications, from added armor plating and structural reinforcement, to floodlights, winches, specialized storage, and other equipment any average survivor would find greatly useful.


Can I strap a nuclear warhead to the bottom?

@GreatHeroJ To clarify, the improvised rocket would have a fragmentation effect twice the side of a frag grenade and the same with the bomblet. So those two would be mainly anti-personnel.

Also, I mentioned that these objects should have to be maintained even if durability for guns is disabled. They would also do way less structure and vehicle damage than non-improvised weapons. Also, I’m going to be bringing up utility based modifications.

As for maintenance. You’d need to do more than use a blowtorch. You’d need to repair it using a variety of advanced mid to late game tools and need a shit load of scrap to maintain these weapon modifications. The idea of balance is to have a very heavy cost in scrap.

For example, the rocket-pods being makeshift will obviously need repairs after one full use of the rockets. The bomb rack, depending on what type of bomb will have to go through repairs after a single use in the case of a barrel bomb or a few uses in the case of a diving tank bomb. If you don’t repair them the idea is to have the weapons malfunction and cause more problems for you. The repair cost would cost between 7 and 15 scrap total on top of the advanced tools. Same with the improvised mortars and artillery as seen with the Syrian Civil War.

For the sandpiper, it was just an example and the front MG part was dumb. The interrupter is harder to make. I’m going to now work on the improvised modifications on utility and passenger vehicles.


Starting off, the vans. Remember, the idea is to make parts and pieces that can go into a vehicle so Nelson doesn’t have to add different variants of a vehicle.


More for multiplayer if anything but can be used in single player at great risk. To use it, you need a white bedroll, an IV drip, and meds. It uses meds much more efficiently use medical items for three total uses in the medical bed per one medical item such as antibiotics or dressings. But you’ll be out for 2-10 minutes in the bed healing depending on the amount of health you have as the healing process is much slower in order to balance it out. (You can’t use bandages or rags)

This gives players the choice to use the high time preference option of healing while moving, or to wait 2-10 minutes in a low time preference option for healing more efficiently.


Simple, stick some buildable seats which can be sat in, and put them in the van. I think it’s a bit stupid for people to be able to sit in the back of a van without proper seats.


Fuel Truck, get a fuel tank and seven metal scrap together for crafting, craft the fuel tanks together and you get a makeshift fuel truck. Great for transporting fuel to store for future use. This time, don’t let gas station pumps be refueled.

Refrigeration Truck, for this very late game vehicle you use a refrigeration device, a generator, and 8 large metal plates, and a door. You can get the item to place upon the pickup truck. You can now store items within this truck and have them stay refrigerated. Fruits, meat, medical items, drinks, etc. Meant to store perishable goods. As long as you keep the generator fueled that is.

I can’t think of anything else survival related for the time being. For the “Arms Race” format of vehicle. The whole idea is to craft specific stations with practical uses to modify a vehicle for the purposes of doing a certain task in an improvised fashion. A step down from the better vehicles, so to speak.

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