Vehicle Name, Rainbow Hatchback and New Tank Type


Yeah in unturned 3.x Humvee are called armored off-roader, why you should not add a HMG tank, inatead of get a cannon that shoot missile, well why does it xan event shoot bullet frim HGM cannon on LMG cannon and why does The Freaking Rainbow hatchback got added, its fo admin only, and its useless


Are you think what im saying is true

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I don’t see the point behind your post (Along with broken English).

But I can tell you this:

  • Humvee is a trademarked name, and he renamed it so it ‘Doesn’t misrepresent the product’
  • A machine gun-based ‘Tank’ wouldn’t be added just because a certain vehicle exists.
  • It’s just a game and real-life logic doesn’t apply, so you shouldn’t question what kind of ammunition it shoots.
  • The Rainbow Hatchback exists as a joke and not as a practical addition to the game.


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Furthermore, it was basically just the result of Nelson’s tests when first creating aerial vehicles. Something similar was done when implementing vehicular turrets, although we don’t have an in-game addition based on those tests.