[vehicle physics] Seats Vs standing

Do you think you should be able to stand on a moving vehicle or be forced to use a seat?..

I understand seats are apart of the balancing for cars but at the same time I think it shouldn’t matter how many people you have standing on the deck of a boat.

Nvm… I just realized that ten guys standing on a tiny boat coming towards your island base isn’t fun or balanced.

I think you should be able to stand in the bed of a truck or on a trailer, but if you go over any bumps you can fall over/fall off.


It’s planned xd

I’d like to see where this has been confirmed, as it isn’t to my knowledge.

Players being able to stand on vehicles. It’s on the trello.

Again, please provide a direct link or image.

Bah fine. Just sec.

Just a heads-up now that Aj isn’t going to find it.


Personally, I’m cool with standing on things like boats decks and truck beds while they move, but much else seems a bit much.

Yeah, I know, I tried as well.


Yeah, pretty much.

Important Note: I think there should be exceptions to this, such as mega vehicles like passenger trains or large ships. Being fixed in place on one would be rather unusual.

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I swear I saw a trello card a while back about being able to stand on moving vehicles without falling through it. Guess I was wrong. It might’ve been a post now that I think about it
Edit, I’m trapped between 2 regular posts. Send help.

Yeah, things with interior space to move around in should be fair game. Buses, RVs/campers, ships, trains, dumptrucks, etc.


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