Vehicle Spawn Frequency on Servers

In unturned 3.0, it is almost impossible to find a car, motorcycle, bike that is no longer locked and with flat tires, my suggestion is that on servers the frequency of vehicle generation is higher compared to 3.0, but the Military vehicle spawn frequency remains low, so everyone can have a chance to found a car, even if it has leaky tire, little gas or none batterie.

The flat tire part leads me to a second idea, it’s very frustrating that you finally find a car, so someone literally blows up the car’s tires with a knife, in the unturned II, I think a flat tire should dry,and with duct tape and a manual air pump, you can fix the car tire and get back on the road.

I am not saying that a car should appear every 5 seconds, only a higher frequency of vehicle generation, rarer cars have remained rare, but simple cars can be found without much difficulty.


All of this is configurable in server settings. Vehicle spawn rates, battery and tire spawn chances, health and fuel, all of it. Most importantly the max vehicle cap for the map.

You’re likely just playing on a well-populated server or late into a wipe cycle, so naturally there won’t be vehicles to go around. I don’t think this is an issue because it’s a fully preventable situation that already has a solution.


About the locking issue,maybe we can have some sort of tool or the need to find the keys in order to lock the vehicle.Your idea about flat tires is nice.But personally,I believe that higher tier vehicles should not be harder to find (rare),but instead harder to obtain and maintain,the same should apply to items (but we’re getting off topic).Overall,I disagree with vehicles being measured by rarity.But I believe that they,regardless of quality,should respawn in a semi-regular basis so that everyone has a chance to get one.

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I was referring to the default base setting.

Well that’s the point I was trying to make, if you don’t like the base setting, you can easily change it to your preference. That’s what config is for to begin with.

That being said, it wouldn’t likely be accurate to use U3’s vehicle spawns as a reference to judge UII’s vehicle spawning mechanics, which is why I disagree with this suggestion. Especially when I’d like to see an overhaul entirely to vehicle spawns, like having a higher abundance of vehicles that are initially inoperable, and can either be used to acquire parts or repaired to working capacity (with a total much lower chance of finding a working vehicle initially).


I referred to incomplete vehicles, “even without batteries, gasoline, or flat tires”, but I think I should have given a better explanation in this part, but the statistics of vehicle generation, zombies, rain frequency can be changed, but this usually doesn’t happen on vanilla servers, they usually just change the difficulty, easy, normal and hard.
But I should have explained more, and in more detail.

How about a whole lot of cars are everywhere, but most of them are damaged, missing keys, missing essential components, stuck in a ditch or other area that is hard to get it out of, or all of the above.

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Yeah i agree. This would make it so that findimg a car would be easy but making it run should be a challenge.

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Yeah. It also makes sense as thousands of people would be driving those cars.

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