Vehicle suggestions

I dunno if I, or others have suggested this stuff before, but well… I decided to start a discussion on it.

Vehicle Damage


  • first of all, WHEELS SHOULDNT EXPLODE, but they should be something people aim for. but, lets make it more similar to gta v, where the tires FLATTEN instead of explode. heres a few suggestions for it.

  • Vehicle handling should be affected a lot, but it should still be sorta controlable with no wheels (possibly would work alright if you drove on tracks without the rubber, would make some interesting makeshift trains XD)

  • as I said before, vehicle handling would be affected with all the tires blown off. (there could be spark particle effects if nelson wants), first of all, it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to turn, because of drifting. also, maybe the rims themselves could be destroyed, but they get damaged from turning the vehicles on roads. Or a ton of gunshots. with these gone, its just the axle, which is useless for driving.


  • there should be multiple weak points here, some cause tons of damage and can make the engine stop, others make it so damage occurs slowly over time. (ex. Oil container gets damaged, and it starts causing damage to the engine over time, after a certain time limit where the oil drains out, or the engine will overheat and the car will shutoff)

  • Piston damage. (slows down the vehicles and such when damaged.)

  • Fuel pipes. (or whatever) causes fuel to drain faster and engine efficiency to lower.


  • Damage to certain parts of the door can make it unable to open, or to even fall off.


  • nothing much, can be replaced with bars if destroyed, and well… can be destroyed. doesnt really affect the vehicle.

Say ideas in the comments and Ill add them probably… if Im not lazy.

Vehicle Modifications


  • (if you have a high enough skill) you can upgrade the speed of the vehicle, and fuel efficiency.


  • basically just armor. depending on how skilled your character is, and/or whether a workbench is nearby, is how makeshift, how strong, and how bulky it is.


  • you can choose from spikes (more damage from hitting things) or armor (more damage defense)

  • also included are grille upgrades, like lights and such.

Truck Beds

  • you can either build armor around it, and put seats inside for more passengers/protect passengers in general, or put a mounted gun in the back. once again, how well it works, and how strong it is is dependent on whether a workbench and/or how good of a mechanic your character is.
Flying vehicles

Basically most of the other stuff happens as well

Affected by wind

  • in areas where wind is stronger (valleys, high up and such) it becomes a lot harder to control helicopters, and planes. but they can also benefit from it as well. (going faster from having wind blowing in the same direction as your vehicle)


  • Rotor blades can be shot out. if your high up, the vehicle will have no chance of being repaired, nearer tot he ground, it has the possibility to land safely, then be repaired by any player. This can make it easier for players to get a helicopter from other players, also makes it so people wont kill the pilots.

Pilot Death

  • if the pilot dies, and no other player takes control, the heli will basically have the same thing happen to it as it does in GTA V
Floating Vehicles

Not much ideas

  • if certain parts of the vehicle are shot, it can start sinking.
Vehicle Transportation
  • with certain stuff, (rope, wires, ect) you can transport vehicles on the trailers of other vehicles. (ex, with trains, you can use a flatbed, with cars, possibly just hooking it up to the back of the vehicle, or getting it on a trailer, helicopters would have the vehicle hang below the heli with cords. or held by magnetic stuffu like the skycrane from 3.

Thats all for now

Say ideas in the comments and I’ll add them probably… if Im not lazy.

Speaketh what you think.

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Unpopular opinion:

While I absolutely love the detail orientation of vehicle damage models like that in War Thunder, this would put an incredible amount of strain on performance, rendering it a harmful addition until things are better sorted out.

Either dumb down the system a bit or find a way to make it more modular.


hot take incoming

vehicles are for normies

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More of I was just thinking hitboxes, heck, only a few of the things need textures. (like the doors, and axles and rims. otherwise, nothing else is really needed. I purposely made it that simple. I didnt suggest hoods breaking off and such… so yeah XD

“Realism for the sake of realism is bad. For example organ-specific damage: nobody is intentionally aiming for your lungs, so it comes down to random bad luck that you suddenly can’t breath.”

One hitbox with a consistent damage model for the entirety of the engine is probably sufficient.

Well… It isnt realism tho XD, if I did it realism style, pretty much any part of the engine being damaged would eventually start harming the rest eventually. these are just small hitpoints that its mostly luck if you hit them.

But I guess that works as well. whatever XD

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